Posturing the Heart to Hear God

Temperaments are different. Some are fear based, others are anger based. I am a fighter, don't mess with me; but my wife is a scaredy cat, she prefers a security alarm. So the technician was scheduled to arrive today between 11 and 1 to install a home security system. Sure enough, Eddie arrived at 11 and left at 1. We talked and I gave him water as I do to all the vendors.

I told him we had just purchased a burglar alarm online for a van that had been donated to our non profit, and that the Nissan dealer quoted more than twice the amount we paid just to program the remotes, so to save money, I programmed the remotes myself. The instructions, I said, were to enter the key into the ignition six times in ten seconds, turn the ignition to ACC, stand on my head, and stick out my tongue. I said it worked, and my wife thinks I am a genius because I can read instructions.

Eddie laughed then explained the steps to connecting the security system we ordered. He had to face north, lift one foot, and flap his arms like a bird just to get started. When he finished, we had a security system.

I did the same thing this morning in my quiet time. I was in the same seat, at the same time, with the same Bible, reading it with the same confession of need, opening my heart to the same God, and expecting the same outcome. It worked.