While I Still Have a Moment, Catching Up on Journey Notes

Well, I turn 60 today. These dates that mark the passing of time, especially decades, can be sobering if we think about them too much. But then again, I will only be one day older than I was yesterday, for crying out loud! If I wasn't near death yesterday, I can't be much worse off today! In fact, wife, Carole, said I still have the physique of a 59-year-old.

Trying not to worry about turning 60 today!

Dating back over at least three centuries, no forefather of mine has ever lived to be older than 68 (See below).
  • My father, Everett Thomas Whisnant, 62 (born 1903 in NC)
  • My grandfather, Lloyd Polycarp Whisnant, 59 (born 1883 in NC)
  • G grandfather, Marcus Eph Whisenhunt, 61 (born 1843 in NC)
  • GG grandfather, Ephraim Whisenhunt, 67 (born 1807 in NC)
  • GGG grandfather, John Whisenhunt, 68 (born 1775 in NC)
  • GGGG grandfather, Philip Whisenhunt, 55 (born 1736 in PA)
  • GGGGG grandfather, John Adam Whisenhunt, 65 (born 1719 in Germany)
  • GGGGGG grandfather, Philip Peter Visinand, 60 (born 1684 in Germany, arrived in Philadelphia on October 14, 1731)
  • GGGGGGG grandfather, Francois Visinand (born 1647 in Switzerland)
  • GGGGGGGG grandfather, Estienne Visinand (born 1610 in Switzerland)
  • GGGGGGGGG grandfather, Jean Visinand (born 1583 in Switzerland)
  • GGGGGGGGGG grandfather, Guillaume Visinand (born before 1570 in Switzerland)
But reports insist that heredity is no more than a 30% factor in longevity. So for over 25 years, I have maintained a regimen for health that includes diet (food choices), exercise (strength, endurance, and flexibility), lifestyle (faith-based), and supplementation.

I am 6-4, 225 pounds (hope some of that is muscle), soon to complete my eighth year to average over 1000 miles running, my resting heart rate continues to be between 44 and 48, and I take zero medications.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8J06