Carole: The Tearful Transition

Today, wife, Carole, ends her service as an office manager and executive assistant with The Salvation Army territorial and divisional headquarters and also metro command in Atlanta (almost 17 years). She is transferring to serve with The Army in Greensboro, North Carolina beginning next week.

Smiling through tears

She received earlier this week a tearful farewell from about a hundred current and former work associates and bosses, quite a fanfare for a non-officer, and brought home several gifts and cards, including a scrapbook crafted for her with pictures and notes to express love, appreciation, and good wishes.

Among the kind expressions, her bosses said she had set the tone for the workplace, helped them keep their sanity, fulfilled her duties until the last hour of every day, even during her last week, and that throughout her seventeen years, with consideration of the frequent transferring in and out of commanding officers who differ in administration styles and personalities, she had worked successfully with everyone.

Sometimes to counselees, I tend to present the image that I am an investor at home, and that Carole's health reflects that. But the truth is: She was gifted with charm and grace before I knew her. Her history with me from the beginning has been to never condemn my stupidity and failures, except to sometimes playfully roll her eyes, or threaten to pow-zoom me to the moon Jackie Gleason style.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8J17