Feeling Pressured to Please the President

After watching the GOP convention last night and thinking about Trump’s VP choice, that his role would be to subordinate himself to support the policies of the President, I dreamed I was invited by Trump to serve in his cabinet as a spiritual advisor. He “wined and dined” me, took me to his home, and I even slept in his bed which had his policies written on the bed cover. At first, while I was happy for the opportunity, I felt a bit pressured to do a good job and to win the President’s approval. But then he asked me to bake a cake. I told him I didn’t bake cakes. He asked how he could know whether or not I could bake. I said he wouldn’t. He lowered his head and said okay. I woke up and then went back to sleep to dream that I was at a function with him and felt pressured to be perfect. Then I thought, “I am a Pastor and Elder; this relationship is not appropriate.” So I resigned.

DonLoy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective/Journey Notes 16G22