'Dancing on the Back Nine': A Lifelong 
Lifestyle Commitment to Good Health

70th Birthday

My father died at 62, my grandfather at 59, my great grandfather at 61. In fact, I do not have a forefather as far back as I have records (1684) who lived to be older than 68. So I was highly motivated almost 50 years ago to begin making wise choices for diet, exercise, and supplementation. Although I am a very private person, I produced the following videos to provide testimony that, when we make a lifestyle commitment to include God's provisions into our daily lives, we don't need to be much diminished in strength, but can be supported for a good measure of health and fitness ("rooted and established by his Provisions" - Ephesians 3:17), even into our later years (Psalm 91:16; 92:12-14).

I do not have a great need or desire to live a long time; but only to be healthy while I live. 

"He will keep you strong until the end so that you will not be without health." - 1 Corinthians 1:8

8th Decade Fitness 

70th Birthday Run

69th Birthday Run 
"Chase Tractor Downs"

7th Inning Stretch League 2017

Fitness 2017

Winter 2016/2017
"Dancing on the Back Nine"

Fall 2016
"Wandering Sights by Night"

Fitness 2016

Fitness 2015

Fall 2014

66th Birthday Run

4th Quarter League 2014

Second Wind League 2014

Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Winter 2013/2014
"In and Out of Season"

Fall 2013
"Meaningful Outdoor Workout" (MOW)

Fall 2013