Slow Returns on Spoiling Wife

Sometimes my wife seems to work this idea of the husband’s servant leadership in the home for all it's worth. Who came up with this idea anyway?

On Friday, while Carole was out, I spent the afternoon preparing a small section of ground for a new landscaping project she wanted me to begin. It was more exhausting than a long run and hard workout combined.

She returned home and quickly changed for her walk in the community. I suggested she reconsider because of the dark clouds gathering. She decided to go anyway and was out the door as I got ready to shower.

Just then, the rain began to pour. I jumped back into my shorts and ran without shoes to the car in pursuit of Carole. I found her huddled under a small shelter like a scared kitten. I was her hero all over again.

Back at home, I prepared to get in the shower again. "No, no! Please don't," Carole came pleading. "You are scaring me. My mother always told me never to get in the bath during a storm."

"Oh, honey," I said, "it's okay!" But then I heard her whimper, so I cut it short and got out of the shower again, dressed and escorted wife to the car for our date night.

At the restaurant I ordered our favorite dessert to share. While I talked, she ate most of the dessert. "Shall I order another?" I asked. "No," she said, "you don't need it."