The Significance of Seven, Seven, O Seven

We know the number seven was prominent in the Old Testament and had some significance for teaching about God, but there is not really any mystical power to numbers.

That said, I love the number seven. For many years I have found it enjoyable to note how many times it has popped up in my life. It began many years ago when I heard a taped message by Uncle Buddy Robinson, a well-known Nazarene evangelist of his day (I loved to hear him preach!) in which he told of an unusual series of events in his life that was marked by the number seven. At that time I had two post office mailboxes: 1033 and 1132. Wow! So I started amusing myself by paying attention to the number seven, particularly as it marked the addresses or room numbers linked to me. (I know, I needed to get a life!) Interestingly, there have been a lot. For example, my and my wife's first home was 5002. We moved to 560. Currently, my address is 1449.

But nothing will be true about your life on this date that will be the explanation for anything of eternal value - not unless we are somehow inspired by it today to be renewed in our relationship to Christ, that is, to make this the start-up day for the rest of our life to begin taking time daily to give him opportunity each morning to communicate his love to us by the Holy Spirit through his Word, in which case, 7/7/07 can be a special date with eternal significance for us.