A Fun Memory from Early Ministry

Buddy was a favorite member of the Gethsemane Quartet. He was a handsome, picture-perfect guy, had a great voice, a delightful spirit, and a winsome personality. Buddy was also a comedian.

The large auditorium was packed and excited when the quartet returned for a concert to our church. When their time came on the program, the group quickly ascended the front steps of the platform. In route, Buddy misstepped and fell on his face in front of God and everybody. But just as quickly, Buddy recovered, wobbled a bit to catch up with the group, then leaned into the microphone and offered an explanation for his tardiness. "I fell down!" he said

A Grace Perspective

Some people are funny. I mean as in comedian. I have a dry sense of humor, but I am not funny. I have been told I was "funny," but I don’t think it was meant as a compliment.

Sometimes I can report a story that's funny and get a grin. But I am not gifted to tell a story in a way to make you laugh.

But a funny story doesn’t need any help. Funny can stand on its own. One does not really need to be a comedian to tell a story that is already funny.

The same is true about singing or acting. Either the performance is gifted and enabled or it is affected, meaning it is asserted and artificial.

That is the point I try to make about Truth. Truth has its own power. It does not need sensationalism to communicate it. It just doesn’t. The Holy Spirit will drive Truth like a sword into a person's heart.

Also, we do not need to "perform" the Christian life ("Affected Performance," I call it). Christ will live his life in and through us to make the performance of our Christian life and service to others authentic.