An Embarrassing Story Before I Forget

This week I walked to my office about 300 yards from my home. At lunch time, I hurried out to a meeting, first walking back home to get my car and also to retrieve a needed box. I got the box and carried it back to my office. Shaking my head, I walked back home a second time to get my forgotten car and drove to my meeting leaving the needed box this time at the office. I drove back to my office to get the forgotten box then back to my meeting.

Stress is a lead cause of forgetfulness. Once while introducing me to a reception line, a pastor of his state's largest Baptist church momentarily forgot both my name and the name of the people he was introducing. As a young minister, I was sort of in disbelief. But not any more.

Stressed by an unusally heavy work load one Christmas Eve not too many years ago, I rushed from my office mid-day to buy an item for my wife at the jewelers. After work, I rushed back to the same store in heavy traffic to buy the same item again before I realized I needed to be home resting.