Facing the Reality of Death in Faith

I've had a moment or two that must be the reality we experience when we are faced with death. Years ago, after a good nights sleep (I thought), I rose from bed to begin my regular routine - reaching for my glasses, making a stop or two on the way to the kitchen, drinking vinegar water, brewing a cup of green tea, stretching for several minutes, then going to my quiet place. On this particular morning, however, I was having a health issue. Actually, I felt fairly well, but my vision was blurred. The words of the Bible text as I read went in and out of focus. I remember not panicking, but quietly accepting in faith that despite my good efforts, broken health had arrived and maybe even the beginning of my last days here on earth. At least I knew how I was going to die. It would be a brain tumor. For about an hour I continued to read as best I could, increasing in faith all the while that all was well with my soul. Rejoicing, I reached to wipe away a tear, and discovered the right lens of my glasses was missing.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8C27