Confessing Failure

I don’t mind full disclosure. For example, I have memories of deep discouragement during a six-month period many years ago struggling with a failed marriage and lost ministry when I went with new work friends to places I had never been before (and have never gone back). I also have memories of a short period of time in my early ministry (in my 20’s) when I could have used some counseling to address my unmet temperament needs for affection, but didn’t have it, so did not deal appropriately with my “success” and the adoration it sometimes brought. Also, in my first marriage, I was the classic knucklehead legalist.

But I also delight in the work of God’s grace in our hearts to make us holy. This means my home and marriage and personal life are an open book. I have nothing to hide or fear. For several years I traveled 38 states away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time, missed my wife, and was occasionally approached by women who were lonely, but was able to live in peace out of the strength and integrity which only God gives. No inappropriate materials have ever been in my home or on my computer (and I do not have filters). It also means, friends and family, even counselees, are welcome to listen in on my conversations or video my life (well, not exactly all of it really, but you know what I mean). I don’t even mind them knowing the challenges of my sinful heart, as long as they understand also the work of God’s grace to which I am connected for healing.

But don’t check the garbage can on my patio. It sometimes has stuff in it I pick up off the street that’s not mine. Also, the smell on me this morning was from the three not-quite-empty beer bottles I picked up from the wrong end.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8F11