Two Dorgies Misbehaving

Favorite scene from an old Pink Panther movie:

"Does your dorgy bite?"
"No, my dorgy doesn't bite."
"Oh, nice dorgy" (pat, pat).
"Rowl, rowl, rowl" (bite, bite).
"I thought you said your dorgy didn't bite!"
"That's not my dorgy."

We have long recognized that the increase in the number of households with pets has something to do with the epidemic of unmet needs for affection. Our most recent concern has become that, as pets have been elevated to human status (“They are humans, too, you know!” says one organization), children are demoted to pet status. Well, now we have this as additional affirmation of our concerns: As I ran through an RV park yesterday, two large dogs charged to get at me. I was saved (actually they were saved) by the length of their chains, also by their owner screaming and wagging her head at them to “Get back up here and act like you are somebody!”

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8G08