Ministry in the Hillsa West Virginia

During testimony meetings in a small mountain town pastorate many years ago, the good folks gave witness to many Gods. The best I can remember, there was the Lova God, Graca God, Feara God, Voica God, Worda God, Willa God, Worka God, Hearta God, Helpa God, Handa God, Housa God, Plana God, Peaca God, Minda God, Mova God, Acta God, Wratha God, Breatha God, Sighta God, Faca God, Moutha God, Eyesa God, Eara God, and, of course, the Mana God, Spirita God, and Sona God.

I think this was also the place where I first heard about Chester Drawers.

A deacon told me he was in the army with a boy who was from this part of the country. He said the boy was writing home and asked him how to spell rat. He said "r-a-t." The boy said, “No, I mean like ‘rat now!’”

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8G10