Fun Reading with Carole

On most evenings before bedtime, sometimes for as long as an hour, wife, Carole, and I read together. Recently, we finished Don Piper‘s “Ninety Minutes in Heaven” and are now several chapters into Catherine Marshall’s “Meeting God at Every Turn.”

Listening to Carole read is entertainment all its own. She reads wonderfully well with good inflection and cadence and her voice is energetic and enjoyable to listen to. She is also what I call a fearless reader. Never mind if she has never seen a word before or doesn’t recognize it, she takes it on, boldly sounding out every possible option until she either gets it right or tags the word with an alternate pronunciation.

For example, last night “pill in a pocket” was her knock out for philanthropic, capacious had to settle for Kentucky, and O’Boomerang was her new name for Oberammergau, Germany.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8H01