Donald: Preaching Pal and Prankster Dad

Wayne has been an evangelist in his denomination for many years. But I remember him when he was a just a little boy. Donald, his proud dad, was my first preaching buddy and one of my all-time favorite persons.

Wayne, like his dad, was a hoot. Fiesty mom and wife, Carolyn, had her hands full with those two, for sure. One evening after a preaching service, we stopped for Carol to do some quick shopping in one of those five and ten cent stores (today’s dollar stores). Parked just outside the door, Donald, three-year-old Wayne, and I waited in the car. After only a short time, fellow-knucklehead prankster Donald sent obedient Wayne to "hurry up" his mother. Struggling to open the entrance door, Wayne stuck his little towhead inside the store and yelled out, “MOMMY, IS YOU IN HERE?” In an instant, mommy showed up wagging her finger in wide-eyed Wayne’s face, then sternly directed him back to the car where Donald and I sat looking innocent. After climbing back into the car, the exasperated little fellow announced to his dad,

“Don’t never let me do that again!”

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8I20