Bitter Cold But Contented in the Country

The weather has been bitter cold this week. Steve and Nita (Carole's brother and sister-in-law) called to remind us about freezing pipes out here in the country. Thanks, guys, for watching out for us.

Carole grew up out here, but I grew up in the city. My family went to the mountains occasionally (Black Mountain near Asheville) to visit grandparents. Up there, they didn't have plumbing, so no pipes to freeze. But they did have a wood stove, fireplace, a well, a spring house for refrigeration, and an outhouse (two-seater). Also, chickens, pigs, and cows.

I told friends back in Atlanta this week that I was "going to town." They laughed. It sounded funny because, before we came here, we were always already in town.

Years ago, when we did Sunday School growth consulting, we were invited to a church in western ... well, it was out west someplace (forgot the state). We said "no thanks" because they told us it was a hundred miles or so from the nearest big town, and that folks out there went to town once a month to buy supplies.

But we love it here, even the old home, and especially the wide open spaces, country air, peace and serenity, safety, and no rush-hour traffic.
The folks who make much about big and fancy stuff have it wrong.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 9A17