Thinking About M

I recall a minister friend telling of having a fun conversation with several other ministers at a restaurant. He said they told funny stories and laughed a lot, but before leaving, a man approached their table to say he did not appreciate them talking about him.

Who was it that said (I forget), “We would not be so concerned what people thought about us if we knew how little they thought about us.”

Then I remember M in one of our ministry stops along the way. He was a different sort of fellow, mostly because he seemed to always be happy and grinning. He didn’t drive a car, so caught the city bus to most places he went. He worked hard, so had a little money to give to others, but also to buy a few things for himself. He loved his white sport coat, yellow shirt, loud colored ties, black pants, and black patent leather shoes. Once he told me he had a problem. He said it was pride because he was sure people looked at him when he was waiting at a bus stop. Then he bought an off-white London Fog overcoat. It made him so proud that he started running to some of the places he went. Once when he was downtown he said he was stopped by the police. He said they told him that he looked suspicious running and grinning all over town. I asked him why he ran like that. He said his new coat made him proud and he couldn't help it.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 10B26