The Baptist Tabernacle Legacy: Ministry from the Overflow

My life will always bear testimony to the experience I had as a young minister at the Baptist Tabernacle in Danville, Virginia. After I moved from there to work in ministry with churches around the country, the Tabernacle was the standard for me wherever I went. Although I knew God used ministries in different ways to accomplish his purpose, I found no church which impacted their community in the way I had experienced it at the Tabernacle. I heard a lot of good teaching and preaching along the way, both in the classroom and from the pulpit, but too often it seemed to come from men who had not fully experienced their subject. In those times I sorely missed Brother Bob’s preaching from the overflow of his walk with God.

I remember crossing paths once with someone who attempted to explain for me why the Tabernacle was so unusual. He had visited several times in his travels, and said he thought it was because the people in that part of the country were different. I said I was there long enough to know that it was because the ministry to the people was different.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 10D12