GracePoint, A Grace Renewal Church Experience (G.R.A.C.E)

When Carole and I came to North Carolina in October 2008, we began having our Sunday morning church experience at home because we could not find the grace ministry locally that we needed and could support. (When we were here twenty years ago, God directed us to Green Street Baptist Church as surely as if he had lifted us off our feet and placed us there, and he used the ministry of Dr. Gary Marsh to wonderfully impact our lives and to give Carole and me a visual of what a grace ministry looked like. But a few years later, after we moved away to Atlanta, Dr. Marsh left the pastorate to teach at one of the Southern Baptist seminaries. When we returned here, we found no evidence that the church was the same, at least to meet our needs.)

Also, in our counseling here, we recognized that one of the most critical unmet needs of our counselees was for a renewal church experience that focused foremost on how they could be served, rather than a performance church experience which seemed to focus mostly on how they could be used.

For these reasons, Carole and I covenanted together to form GracePoint, A Grace Renewal Church Experience (as a separate ministry from GracePoint Counseling) to serve the redemptive needs of others who will connect when God's will concerning the matter becomes their understanding and confidence.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 10G04