At the Festival Sharing Christ

On a daytrip last weekend to “Everybody’s Day” in downtown Thomasville, Carole and I ate at the Mazatlan Family Mexican Restaurant. Outside, I noticed immediately the clean windows. Inside, I noticed the music, that it was gospel – contemporary, but conservative. My appreciation soared (an I told them so) when I heard “Just As I Am” and “I Must Tell Jesus.”

At the festival, we took in the exhibits and entertainment, and then bought a funnel cake. Waiting in line, a 300-pound woman slapped her tiny little girl. I wanted to ask her if her mother had taught her to do that. I found a sitting area under a tree where we met Frances King who answered my friendly questions. She said she had lived in Thomasville all her life. I said she meant “her life so far.” She laughed. I told her I was a Baptist minister and that I had become a Baptist because I heard they were the only ones going to Heaven. She said she was Church of God and knew that I was kidding.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 10I25