22798 AND COUNTING: Learning and Living Out Lifestyle Choices for Health and Happiness and Longevity

My father lived 22,798 days, from September 21, 1903 until February 20, 1966. This morning, I am the same age, to the day and almost to the hour, that my dad was when he died.

I have thought about this day for several years. Dad died with broken health. He never drank or smoked or lived recklessly. Neither was he inactive or more than a few pounds overweight. He was also a former athlete, playing college baseball and tennis at Wake Forest. [According to my uncle, before going into ministry, Dad was signed to play pro ball with the Detroit Tigers by the same man who signed Ty Cobb (apologies for the name dropping)]. But he did not know about making Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, and Supplementation choices for health. Also, although Dad was genetically at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease (his father died at 59, his grandfather at 61, and for at least eight generations, none of his forefathers had lived to be older than 68), he did not take time from his busy ministry schedule for annual checkups with a doctor. I celebrate my dad today because of the legacy of faith he left me, but I celebrate also the opportunity I have had through the years by the mercy of God to learn a little about sowing and reaping and the connection between wise choices and the good health, happiness, and longevity they produce.

“Blessed (healthy and happy) are they whose ways (goals and choices) are blameless (pure and perfect), who walk according to the law (instructions and enablement) of the Lord.” – Psalm 119:1

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 11C08