Denying the Reality of Aging, Accepting the Reality of Dying

For Christmas, family members gave me Billy Graham’s book, “Heading Home” which he wrote last year at the age of 92. I suspect the gift was motivated by my appreciation for Billy Graham, but also suspect my age (63) had something to do with it. While I am not conscious of too much decline in my health and fitness (strength, endurance, and flexibility) since I was in my 30’s - 40's, I know I will not live forever or enjoy my current health levels on the day I die (that is, unless I die soon/suddenly). And while I may be in denial of my aging, I do not deny that one day I will, in fact, die - a reality I am forced to confess when I consider that, on the day I was born, persons were living who are in Heaven today, and I will be Heaven when babies who are being born today are the age I am now (that is unless I live to be 126). 

DonLoy Whisnant/Journey Notes 12A02