Celebrating November 4, 1988

On this day 24 years ago, Carole came into my place of business. I had seen her for the first time about a month before (on October 10), but it was very brief and I was busy, so she got away. I remembered her when I saw her on this second occasion and I did not want to let her get away again, so I set out to make a connection. When she left, I told a work associate she would be my wife someday. (Carole, not the associate!)

A week or so later, I called her and we met for lunch. I had not seen her for about a month when I sent her roses a day or so after Christmas. She called to say “thank you” and we met for a second date (dinner at Steak and Ale). Our third date was New Year’s Eve. A year later, on January 12, 1990, we were married by Dr. Gary Marsh at GreenStreet BaptistChurch in High Point, and honeymooned at a bed and breakfast resort in Old Salem.

We had some growing pains during our early days together, but we have never criticized, been unkind, or said mean words to each other. We have no wounds or scars in our relationship.

If our experience together is the evidence, my confidence is that God brought Carole into my life 24 years ago, that it was a tender expression of his love and care for me, and hopefully for her, and that marriage can indeed me a little bit of what Heaven is like.

DonLoy Whisnant/Journey Notes 12K04