Hyped Up Being a Hero

Eight degrees this morning in Greensboro on top of yesterday’s snow, so Carole delayed going to work for several hours. At pre-dawn latte, I told her I loved her more than ever again today (the same thing I told her yesterday morning). She said I could prove it by driving her to work, washing the road salt off her car, and taking it to get inspected. I hate driving on wintery roads, but what could I say. 

Anyway, I got to take her to lunch before getting her to work. I promised I would pick her up later if I could make it back. She said I was her hero. I’m too stingy to pay for a real car wash, so I went to the self-service bay and slid around on the frozen ice. 

At the inspection place, I told service guy Dan my story. He thought it was too much information. I teased that I should have waited on the car wash and let him do it after the inspection. He grinned. I told him I was not as funny as I thought I was. He looked at his buddy, grinned again, and said my car was ready to go. 

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