The Downside of Conveniences

A man told me the other day that he was tired. I asked him what had he been doing. He said, "Nothing!" I told him that was the reason he was tired. An elderly man told me recently that a friend gave him one of those chairs that has a motorized lift. He said he didn't need it, but he thought he'd use it anyhow. Now, he says, he can't get out of the chair without using the lift.

Conveniences are not always a good idea. One of our neighbors has a large swimming pool and a lot of landscaping in his backyard, so he has a space to mow only about the size of our den. Last weekend he was using a riding lawnmower to mow his little space. He hardly had room to turn it around.

Someone once tried to sell me a self-propelled lawnmower. I said, "No thanks!" I told him I couldn't afford it. He thought I was talking about money. I was really talking more about my health.

But a grocery store in this area has gotten the right idea. They are now providing grocery carts with adjustments on the wheels to increase resistance so that customers can get a little workout while they shop. Good for them!