A Marketing Strategy to Rake in Some Money: Or Maybe Not!

My neighbor stopped by to say "hello" as I was working in the yard. I told him about a new piece of exercise equipment that I had discovered. I told him I was thinking about a patent and a marketing strategy to sell it. He perked a bit and asked what it was. "A rake," I said holding it up.

My regimen through the years has increased to become the following:

1. Begin each day (at least an hour) with quiet time (Scripture reading, confession of need, prayer, and worship) for spiritual renewal to enable stress management.

2. Aerobic exercise to get heart rate up for a sustained 30-45 minutes, 5-6 days each week (endurance), anaerobic exercises 3 days to build muscle (strength), and stretching exercises daily (flexibility).

3. Drink daily at least: 4 ounces raw apple cider vinegar water, 24 ounces green tea, and in addition, 100 ounces filtered water.

4. Eat 5 servings of raw fruits and vegetables (including at least one apple a day.)

5. Supplement protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and herbs.

6. Proper elimination.

7. Scheduled lifestyle (for work, sufficient sleep and rest).

8. Drive on the right side of the street (zero high-risk behavior).

9. Community and civic involvement (investment for safety and quality of life).

10. Regular physical check-ups with physician and dentist.