Getting Haircut, Missing Opportunity to Sense Hurt

R, the young lady who cuts my hair, and I often talk about concepts for business and also sometimes about the grace perspective for a happy marriage - that it begins with the husband's role to invest in his wife's health and happiness needs. She said it seems that wives, for all their trying to please their husbands, sometimes feel they can never do enough.

I like to wear my hair full, but my wife likes it short, so I try to wear it short. I think my wife has R in cahoots on this. Once I thought she gave me two haircuts for the price of one. The last time Carole dragged me in for a haircut, I joked with R that I did not really want a haircut and asked if we could just fake it." She laughed. When she finished, she asked if the cut was okay. Usually I spare no compliment because she's the best, but this time I teased. "Not really!" I said. She looked hurt.