Meeting Happiness Needs and Having Fun with Carole

Carole, gives this advice to young women on what to look for in a husband:
"Support, Support, Support! Look for this support in the qualities of the man himself. First, is he a person who has a living commitment to his own health? Secondly, does he understand and embrace the role of the husband to invest in the health and happiness needs of his wife?"

Met needs will set a husband and wife free from fear, the need to control, and hurt feelings. This means they are easy to express their feelings and thoughts, and even to tease, without tension or offense. For example, when I am being my best knuckle-headed self to fuss and complain, Carole's favorite call to order is to say, "You know, I've just about had enough of that, mister (or ol' boy)!" Sometimes, when I am really being obnoxious, she will show off her tiny fist with a protruding middle knuckle and say, "I'm going to pow-zoom you to the moon" or, "Where do you think you would like a knot on your head?" I love it.