Poking Along in Peace

On our drive to the north Georgia mountains yesterday, the big black gas guzzling SUV blasted by at high speed past our grandma car ('93 Buick Century) as we were poking along in peace to conserve fuel, also to enjoy the scenery. I commented that they must be wealthy. Carole said it was either that or they were in debt.

On the trail we stopped for lunch, took a walk, read Scripture and prayed, then took a nap on the picnic table. We listened in the quiet to the wind blowing softly through the trees and thought of Heaven.

Later while sitting in a meadow along with numerous families for the July 4th fireworks celebration, I was curious to note that some (if not most or all) young teens and pre-teen children had only a casual interest in the booming fireworks. They seemed to have an idea something exciting was suppose to be going on, but their little overstimulated, burned out, high tech brains could not focus to determine what it was.

Don Loy Whisnant / Journey Notes 8G05