Dear Mom

I have been trying to keep you informed a little about my work with the men in recovery. The counseling sessions are usually intense, but can also have their amusing moments. Sometimes the men don't quite get right what they want to say. One man prayed, "O Lord, create in me a clean heart and restore the bones which you have broken." He also quoted the verse, "What God has joined together, let no man cast you under." I said, "Amen."

Recently, a man told me about the demoniac of Gardenia. Before him, another man told me about his prayers and suffocations. His prayer life may not have been going well.

Another man during group discussion last week boldly quoted that well-known verse, "God's grace is significant." Some of us smiled, but we all said, "Amen!"

During a recent prayer time, one of the men told me that he had gotten depromoted on his job. I told him I was sorry. One of the men asked for prayer for his sister in the hospital. He said she was in attention care and was being given autobionics. I haven't heard how she's doing.

Well, gotta go! Love and miss you!