God and Jesus: A Child’s Perspective

Grandson Jay is a gentle soul. When he was six years old, he came to his mother and said, "I think I would like to do that."

"Do what, Jay?" his mother asked.

"You know," he said, "what you were saying about going to Heaven." So they prayed and Jay trusted Jesus as his Savior.

His mom said later: "After that, Jay began to pray a lot, but for some reason he liked to pray to 'God and Jesus.' Sometimes when driving him home from school, I could hear him in the back seat talking to 'God and Jesus.'

One day, I heard him talking quietly and I glanced back at him. With his eyes tightly closed and his little hands clasped together, he was praying again to 'God and Jesus.' He prayed for friends and family and then he said, 'And God and Jesus, I sure love you guys.'"