Living a Long Time: The Good News About Not Dying

People are surely different. Some can do things well spontaneously. For others of us, a schedule really helps. A decision is made one time and doesn’t have to be made over and over. The regimen here, especially Monday thru Friday, is mostly the same - same time to get up (4:30) and go to bed (9:00), same time to run (6:00), same breakfast (protein drink or oatmeal), same lunch (sandwich and apple), same dinner (soup and salad), and same between-meal snacks (nuts/seeds, oat bran muffins, apples, carrots, celery, and 168 ounces of water - which includes 24 oz. green tea and 16 oz. vinegar water). If the vinegar water doesn’t kill me first, I’ll live to be 100. (I remember the Sunday School teacher in West Virginia who told the children in her class that if they lived long enough they were all going to die?)