Super Dave

Recently, I was sent a news article reporting new information on a health supplement. It may all be true, but the source and the particular study that was considered was not identified, so just as a matter of principle, I discounted the information. People can say anything and sometimes be reckless doing it. Did you know that people living near the ocean tend to be less overweight because, according to a recent study, sea air improves metabolism? Don't bet on it! I just made it up.

I had the opportunity to work with a man years ago who seemed to know everything about everything. He was not only intelligent, he was also interesting and knowledgeable. But one day I said to him, "Now, Dave, I read a report that said, with consideration of our vast universe, none of us knows more than one percent of one percent of all there is to know, so it just has to be impossible that anyone could possibly know everything about everything."

"Well," he said shaking his head, "I don't know about that." We laughed and he was my friend all over again.