Your Inborn Wiring: Why You May Be Smart and Not So Smart!

Everyone is smart and not so smart - but only in different areas. Most of the men I worked with could not spell or write well. One man particularly was an example. He pastored one of the largest churches in America, a gifted speaker, founded several national organizations including a Christian legal defensive organization and an accreditation association for Christian schools. He also helped to found a Christian college. My job was to edit a national journal he wrote. His drafts were horrible.

People are different, not necessarily because of brain cells, but because of inborn wiring (which explains our temperaments). Education, culture, and exposure to other environmental elements may also have some influence.

Some people are detail-oriented, others are concept-oriented. Some are task-oriented, others are people-oriented. Some are compliant, others are strong-willed. Some appreciate the arts, others do not. Some are fear-oriented, others are anger-oriented. The seed and soil of human temperaments are different. Also, temperaments are not acceptable and unacceptable, they are just different, each having their own strengths.