W. Frank Harrington

Frank Harrington, senior pastor at Peachtree Presbyterian in Atanta for 27 years, had to be one of my favorite speakers. Invited to speak in a chapel service at a famous Methodist University, Dr. Harrington presented the needs of foreign missions. The daughter of the university's president, soon to be graduated, was deeply moved, making a decision to abandon her plans for a traditional medical career in order to enter Christian service as a missionary instead. Her family was stunned. Soon, Dr. H received a call from the concerned dad.

"Oh Frank!" he exclaimed, "we are certainly happy for the impact of your message to our students, but my daughter has been in preparation for a medical career for all these years, and now after your sermon, she has surrendered to go away to the mission field. The family is heartbroken!" "What can we do?" he pleaded.

"Oh, no!" Dr. Harrington empathized to say, "Tell her I was just preaching! I didn't mean it!"