Running for My Life

Last evening, a couple of good ol' boys were kicked back beside their pickups a smokin' and a drinkin' when I ran by. They told me I was running my butt off (well, close enough) and not to have a heart attack. I said, "Thanks! You too."

The Fed-Ex guy stopped me to ask for directions to an address. He told me he used to workout on the weekends until he started delivering packages on a dead run during the week, that he now gets "his exercise at work" (on my list of "famous last words").

My ministry friend is celebrating his new riding lawn tractor, that at last, after a lot of years, he no longer needs to use his push mower. He asked, "What was I thinking?" I wondered the same.

But my friends miss the connection between health and time set aside for conditioning to get their heart rates up each day in order to be increased in energy (the body will respond that way, you know) so that they can sustain longer and without injury in the performance of their duties.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8E23