A Reluctant All Hail to Jesus' Name

Recently, I used my tiny hand-held digital recorder to note the travel directions to an annual legal seminar in Atlanta. I also have filed and saved on it favorite portions of Scriptures, and several dearly cherished recordings of “Tabernacle Time” with Rev. Bob Barber which is the nation’s oldest continuous religious radio broadcast (76 years). Arriving at the seminar, I dropped my little recorder into my pant pocket just in case I had a notion to record something else. Once inside the large hotel meeting room, and sitting among the likes of lawyers and corporation directors, I did not intend really to announce myself as an out-of-the closet person of faith, certainly not as a fearless soul-winning minister of the Gospel, but instead to quietly take care of the business at hand.

But maybe the Lord had other plans. During a momentary pause toward the end of the featured speaker’s hour-long presentation, I turned on my chair to get some circulation going in my seated parts, but apparently hit the play button on my forgotten little digital recorder tucked away in my pocket. In the quiet of the extended pause, bursting from somewhere in the room came Tabernacle Time’s theme song, a loud, full-voiced choir rendition of “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, let angels prostrate fall!” Startled like everyone else, I stretched my neck around to determine where the beheckled that interrupting noise was coming from. And what was it about that sound that was familiar to me at this pagan event?

My brain was ablaze, but just could not catch up to what I was hearing. Finally sensing that it could be coming from somewhere amongst my group, maybe even from my own belongings, I began to slap around to find something to shut off. Was it coming from my carry bag? No, it didn’t seem to be. Was it coming from my phone? But why would “And crown him Lord of all!” be blaring from my phone? Nope, it was coming out of my pants. Digging frantically in my pockets I found my little forgotten tucked-away recorder, and in an eternity of moments, found a way to get it shut down. But not before the radio guy enthusiastically announced, “And now… here’s Brother Bob!”

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8E26