My Corny Humor: A Confession of Dysfunction

I have some rudimentary giftedness for communication, but no real talent for entertainment. My impulsive attempts to sometimes insert humor into my ministry writing (rarely into my speaking) may be motivated by some sense that the message I present is too intense, that I need to lighten it up a little in order to make it more palatable. But the honest reality is that my attempts at humor is infected with my dysfunction and is a subtle attempt for attention and personal acceptance consistent with one of the curious ways we humans sometimes cope with the pain of our unmet needs. I am in confession of my disorder and try to restrict my silly humor to my personal blog which is appropriately named donloyw’s Journey Notes.

Looked at in its best light, however (i.e. as healthy and normal), my particular style of humor is called observational humor. It is rooted in an inborn temperament trait which tends to sometimes deal with life in the context of humor, usually to relieve tension. It is also original humor (not much for repeating or passing along jokes), so is very subjective - also mostly boring and not very funny to others.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8F30