Supper Time

I was joined on a mission trip years ago by ministry friends whose company I enjoyed. We were separated by our work for long periods of time during the day but always looked forward to our reunion at the evening meal. It has been many years since I last had fellowship with several of those friends, but I look forward to spending extended time with them in Heaven.

I recalled my friends recently when I learned my mother is not doing well. Mom was a pastor’s wife, and for many years she played the piano and sang for dad’s evangelistic meetings and pastorates. She had a beautiful alto voice and I remember most her singing Ira Stanphill’s song, "Supper Time."

When I was just a girl in days of childhood, I used to play till evening shadows come. Then winding down an old familiar pathway, I heard my mother call at set of sun:

Come home, come home, It's supper time, The shadows lengthen fast. Come home, come home, It's supper time, We're going home at last.

In visions now I see her standing yonder, And her familiar voice I hear once more. The banquet table's ready up in heaven, It's supper time upon the golden shore.
It has been awhile since I last saw Mom. Unfortunate circumstances threaten that I may not see her again, but we do not grieve as those who have no hope of supper time.

"Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb ... " - Revelation 19:9

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8H13