Getting Past Preoccupation with Appearance

The Georgia Division of Driver Services person at Window 9 said I could only renew my drivers license for five years since I was now 60. Also, that I would need a new photo. I especially hate that.

So do I grin, smile, look serious, what? It never matters, I always look terrible. Ready, one, two, FLASH! No, I'm not ready! Give me a second, for crying out loud, to get this silly nice guy grin off my face!

Too late! This time I managed the absolute dumbest pose of all time. I looked like a big goof with gas pains. I plan to laugh about it when I can get over the embarrassment. Wife, Carole, wanted to see it, but I told her she would only laugh. She promised she wouldn't, but she did. She said she couldn't help it

Why should my stupid looking picture matter so much to me? Why are we recovering legalists so preoccupied with what others think, what we wear, what others wear, how we look, etc?

From our understanding of grace concepts we know that the answer is rooted in our need to be what it is all about to someone. When that need is not met, we suffer heartache, loneliness, fear and anxiety, confusion, and feelings of rejection and worthlessness. It even shows up (Haven't you noticed?) in us ministers, in our writing and in our speaking

Hurting people feel and behave differently. When our inborn need to be "what it is all about" to someone is not met, we become "what it is all about" to ourselves. Mostly we become very self absorbed. How do I look? How am I doing? What do you think of me? Almost every word and action scream "Me! Me!" This is the worst of bondage, as any of us knows who suffers in this way. And we long to be delivered.

"Who will rescue me from this body of death? I thank God - through Jesus Christ, our Lord." - Romans 7:2

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8J20