Lifestyle Choices: Calculating Chances for Living Well

We just may have this figured out. Carole and I don't live a straight 100 percent healthy lifestyle (food choices, exercise, sleep, etc.). We should, but we try to maintain at least an 80-20. This does not mean 20 percent reckless (we don't smoke or drink or act stupid), but nonetheless, 20 percent doing what would kill us sooner than later if we did it 100 percent.

Also, if 100 percent means we should never get sick, then 80-20 should mean we have an 80 percent chance of always being well (not the same as a 100 percent chance we will be sick 20 percent of the time). Calculating on: If we do get sick, we have the option to increase dramatically to 100 percent for recovery. Or, if we are not willing to do that, we should see a doctor. Makes sense to me.

Dealing with Doubting DocsCarole's long-time traditional Doc seems a little disappointed that she does not have the same appreciation for drugs as he does. For example, he knows she may have a strong hereditary predisposition to high cholesterol levels, based on her family history, and says drugs would be in order. So he is always curious to ask what she is "doing" to maintain her good report (most recently 50 HDL and 116 LDL). She told him "exercise, oats, EFA's (omegas 3, 6, and 9), and supplements including garlic, lecithin, niacin, and red yeast rice." He said, "You know (don't you?) that supplements have never been proven to help." She said she didn't know that

But he did persuade her to get an EKG and also stress test, just for peace of mind. So we were back to a cardiologist next morning for the EKG and dressed for the treadmill. After about thirty minutes Carole came bopping out to the waiting room smiling big. Seems after the EKG, the doctor said her heart was perfect, that she did not need the stress test. "He said I was a very healthy woman," she gloated.

This is not about Carole, but to testify to a grace principle. Health is not the outcome of leaving off the bad stuff, but faithfulness to include the good. If God is true, then there can be no other outcome.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8J22