God's Care to Provide a Credenza: An Experience of Faith Explains Answered Prayer

We rejoice most, I suppose, in our experiences of faith that God loves us, has made provisions to meet our essential needs for health and happiness, is present in our lives to guide and support us for every decision, and that we can have nothing better than what he provides.

God knows what our needs are. Christ said he did (Matthew 6:32). God has also imparted his mind to us by the Holy Spirit to guide and support us for making the appropriate choices that result in good outcomes.

Although GracePoint surely could have attempted to expand our work to North Carolina without the benefit of dedicated space for a work office, or without office furniture or equipment (since God has certainly done more with less), still I was confident that God would provide to accommodate our material needs as well as my finicky temperament needs.

He has done just that, including even to provide accommodating weather for some outdoor work. (While we do not believe God changed the weather necessarily, his timing is perfect to guide us where we need to be.) Also, Carole's family is making available the old homeplace for our startup. And her aunt and uncle, Betty and Gene Weaver, provided a very nice office desk and chair. Other needed items have been provided as we have trusted in God's care.

However, I have been thinking, if only I could have a credenza to spread out a little for better organization. Everything else seemed to be in place, but this item was testing my faith to trust God, to pray, and to wait. Which I did.

Then, on Monday this week, enroute to a computer repair shop, I stopped at a large office furniture discount store hoping to find a deal on a damaged or used credenza. I saw possibilities, but was too cheap to pay even their discounted prices. I had in mind about $25 (LOL). Also, I did not see exactly the item I needed, which was... well, it would be a miracle to find such an item. But I saw it in my mind and was hopeful that maybe later it would show up. So I left.

Back on the road to my destination, I was quietly prompted in my heart to stop at The Salvation Army thrift store. It was almost like I just found myself there. I seemed to float inside, down a ramp into the basement, this way, that way! Nope, nope, that's not it! Then down another dark section (Am I permitted down here?), at the very end against the back wall, there it was, exactly and specifically what I needed, as if it had been lifted out of my mind and created. Back up the steps, I bought it for $20 and was out the door in less than maybe ten minutes after I arrived.

The next morning I returned with our van to pick up the six-foot credenza. I floated inside again, past the busy cashier, and down the ramp to think about how to get the heavy piece into the van.

"Howdy!" I said to the giant of a man standing at the foot of the ramp, thinking he was a customer. As I walked past, I saw that he was standing in front of a hand truck. This guy, friendly and helpful as they come, was the warehouse help and in moments had me loaded up and on my way back to the office.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 8K19