When Times Were as They Are: Revisiting the Present

Times were different fifty years or so ago. For example, folks did not always call ahead to announce their plans to visit, they just showed up. Or maybe it was because Dad was a pastor. I recall as a kid tagging along when he visited parishioners. He didn't call ahead, and sometimes he didn't even knock; we just walked in. It may be a false memory, but I promise I remember that, on one such occasion, no one was at home. So Dad rummaged through the kitchen and made us a sandwich.

But they usually did the same (not the sandwich part - only Dad had pluck for that). Sometimes their visits were during family meals, but that was okay. They were invited to pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee or tea while we ate. We seemed to always be ready. At least no one seemed to mind or be taken by surprise.

When I entered the ministry, I changed all that, partly because of my temperament needs for privacy, but also because our ministry was usually in the big city and times had changed. In those days, the door at my house stayed locked and sometimes I did not answer. I was a knucklehead.

Having moved to the country recently, times have changed back. Family and friends here don't call to announce a visit, they just show up. I love it. Carole's mom and dad did that when we lived here early in our marriage before we moved away. I told Carole today I missed her mom and dad's unannounced visits, and that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

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