Hooray for Government: It's a Good Thing, But Only in Its Place!

I survived living near the Great Lakes in Ohio and Indiana during those harsh winters there in the mid 70's and early 80's, so the six inches of snow that fell here this week was beautiful, but not a biggie.

I recall arriving in northern Ohio in January during one winter snow storm. It was the first and only place I have ever lived where it snowed almost every day, sometimes for a week at a time. That winter we did not see our front lawn until almost Easter. I remember the mailboxes were covered over and had to be dug out, and in some places, only the tops of the street signs were visible. The city/county workers who plowed the snow from the roads and put down salt to melt the ice were superheroes to us in those days. I thought of them again this week when I saw the trucks and equipment moving out in advance of the snow that fell here.

I also thought again of God's wisdom to provide for government. It serves to protect our national freedoms, secure our currency, and is a safety net to provide for our emergency needs during extraordinary circumstances. Hooray for government.

Still, everything which God provides has its order. And as essential as government is, it is not intended to replace human freedoms, our responsibility to invest, or God's provisions in creation, the church and home, and Christ for our health and happiness.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 9C07