Yea God!

Our need recently was to make a wise decision concerning the timing for renting a one-way truck to complete our move from Atlanta to North Carolina. The weather was, of course, a big factor. So was the cost of the truck and fuel. U-Haul offered a truck for around $480. Penske offered a new larger diesel truck for $240. Yea Penske!

The trip was softly scheduled two weeks out. But early in the week of, Carole and I were uncertain, so postponed the move. As it turned out, that weekend was a soaker both in Atlanta and High Point.

The weather on the first day of our eventual trip to Atlanta was beautiful. However, the forecasters warned of strong thunderstorms and rain, also tornadoes, for the next day, beginning in the afternoon. The radio guy said he was happy to be leaving for Florida.

But next morning, after a Bojangles' breakfast, we picked up the rental truck and began loading. The weather was balmy - not too hot, not too cool. Thank you, Lord!

Then as we were about loaded, a few raindrops began to fall.

"Not yet, Lord," Carole said. "We are not finished." Instantly the rain stopped.

"Thank you, Lord," she said looking at me with a big smile.

About an hour later, in less than a minute (I promise), after I had pulled down the truck door, latched it, and walked back inside, the heavy rain began to pour. Carole and I looked out the window at the downpour.

On the next day, the weather for the drive back north to unload was delightful.

Don Loy Whisnant/Journey Notes 9D18