February 20: Honoring Dad’s Influence
Dad died on this day 47 years ago. In the 17 years he was in my life, I never saw him in a sweat shirt, jeans, shorts, athletic shoes, bedroom shoes, or without socks, and rarely without a tie. For casual I remember him wearing dress pants, an open collar, short sleeve dress shirt, and white top dress shoes. He worked hard, did not watch tv except a rare boxing match or baseball game, did not play cards or board games except checkers (I never beat him!), or partied.  
Dad was born in 1903. Of course, those times were different. I used to wonder why it seemed men in those days did not smile in family portraits (although Dad liked to laugh on appropriate occasions). I think I understand now that their faces were “set like a flint” because of their responsibilities and calling, including to take care of their families.
Mostly to honor Dad, he won many people to Christ and founded many churches, especially in the Carolinas and Virginia. Also, I am going to Heaven and in the ministry because of his influence.  
DonLoy Whisnant/The Grace Perspective 13B20