GracePoint: 2000-2013
GracePoint was begun on Easter Sunday, 2000 – so we celebrate God’s faithfulness in significant ways today.
I recall that, in 1974, during a time of discouragement and only a few years after I had surrendered to the ministry, I sensed God telling me he would use me for ministry to others in a special way. I have never forgotten the day or where I was or what I thought “special” meant. The scope and size of such a special ministry seemed overwhelming to me.
Today, I understand better that “special” did not mean scope or size as I first thought. If it had, the very best of that scenario would have sorely paled, in terms of eternal value, to the opportunity God has given GracePoint to support our counselees, even if only a few, for learning how to read the Scripture in order to hear God in order to experience Christ daily for recovery from deep human brokenness and in order to be made competent for meaningful service to others, beginning with their families.
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