Reflecting on Past Support Resources for Growing in Grace

I hold dear the resources God used in my early life and ministry to support my growth in grace. He used

  • my pastor dad to lead me to Christ, also pastors and evangelists who came to our church to speak (C.F. Friend, B.B. Nick, and others),
  • Pastor R.J. Barber, Jr. and evangelists Lester Roloff and Maze Jackson to call me to holiness and spiritual renewal through reading the Scripture,
  • John Rice, Jerry Falwell, Curtis Hutson, and Jack Hyles to stir my heart for soul winning and church building,
  • Radio preachers Charles Fuller, Oliver Green, and J. Vernon McGee for understanding the Scripture, and  
  • Pastors Gary Marsh and Charles Stanley to introduce me to the message of grace and support me on the long journey out of legalism. 
None of the above men, however, alone or together, could have substituted for the work of the Holy Spirit to support me during quiet-time worship for experiencing Christ to fuller measure each day.

DonLoy Whisnant/Journey Notes 15J05