An Old Joke: My Life at 67

Favorite really corny joke: I’m wealthy: I almost have a six-figure income; in fact, it’s five.

Just to report on my 67th birthday, though: I am excited, thankful, and contented with my modest life, needs, income, and possessions.

Wealth is having
  • physical, mental, and emotional health,
  • a tension-free marriage,
  • a safe, modest place to live/house, property, and furnishings in good repair,
  • two maintained/paid-for vehicles,
  • no debt,
  • 6 months living expenses saved,
  • an emergency fund for repair needs,
  • health/dental/visual/life insurance,
  • modest investment savings for retirement years,
  • sufficient funds for food, clothes, nutritional supplements, gifts, day trips to coast and mountains, maintaining possessions - including house, vehicles, and equipment,
  • no need for cruises or expensive vacations, alcohol or drugs, social media, parties, tv/movie entertainment, spectator sport events, or codependent relationships with friends or family,
  • growing faith and understanding of the message of grace,
  • increase in freedom from brokenness, and
  • opportunity for redemptive service to others through GracePoint.
Almost Heaven!
DonLoy Whisnant/Journey Notes 15J06