Laughing at the Little God Uses

The tools I use to maintain my lawn and landscape are, I think, only a step above toys. My neighbors must chuckle. My favorite vehicle I like to bust about in is a little 1986 four cylinder Toyota Camry. The computer I use is a Gateway which I bought new at WalMart for about $200 almost ten years ago. I produce the videos for our Online Institute for Grace Concepts using a small digital recorder and Windows Movie Maker.

Considering that the tools I have to offer God for his use to accomplish his Redemptive work in the world are so small and insignificant, it is evident that
  • all God does through my life is all God and
  • little is much when God is in it. 
“Little is much when God is in” is a line in one of me favorite songs. I could add a thought, “Little is all some of us have (also all God gets) when he has us.”

DonLoy Whisnant/Journey Notes 15K14